Our Mission

How We Started

Red Bird Natural Soap began to take shape in 2012 when my sister-in-law, Lisa was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  From her desire to seek alternative treatments, and the knowledge she obtained and shared with me, I developed a passion to eliminate toxins and chemicals from my family lifestyle as well.

With the help and encouragement of a generous local soap maker, Lisa and I learned to create our own healthy soaps, using natural ingredients.   I began sharing it with our friends and family so they too could have access to pure, all natural soaps, but it wasn't until Lisa passed away that the passion grew into this business. Soap making became a way to grieve her loss, to heal emotionally and to promote my shared desire for a better world.

By creating a product that heals, protects and feeds the body instead of harming it like most conventional products do, I honor Lisa's legacy and do my small but significant part in the fight against cancer and other modern diseases. Thank you for partnering with me to make a difference in people's lives by making a purchase from Red Bird Natural Soap.


Our Impact

It is in Lisa's honor that we began this company and it's in her honor that we give back to the people in our communities that are undergoing cancer treatments.  We have two local Austin TX non-profits that benefit from Red Bird Natural Soap.  

Regarding Cancer is a peer-to-peer emotional support program that connects newly diagnosed patients with volunteers based on a variety of criteria including cancer site, treatments, age and gender. Their volunteers also visit with cancer patients and their families at participating oncology centers, to offer emotional support and information about community resources during infusion. 5% of Red Bird's product revenue is donated to help expand this much needed program in the Austin area. www.regardingcancer.org

Care Box Program has a mission to home deliver care supplies at no cost to cancer patients to help prevent malnutrition, infections & injuries. They have put together a list of 40 different care supplies that cancer patients can choose from to meet their needs and can be hand delivered every 3 months.  Red Bird Natural Soap is gifting half sized bars of handmade soap to add to their care boxes. www.careboxprogram.org

End of soap loaves as well as soap that's not salable for whatever reason, is donated to a local children's home and food bank in the Round Rock area.

It is with your purchases that these donations within the community can be made.  Thank you for helping to make a difference in people's lives.